Luna Jumbo Colour Pencils – 24 Colours
June 11, 2021
Luna Coloured Pencils – 24 Colours
June 11, 2021
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12L Watercol Pencil In Wonder Box


Faber-Castell Watercolour Pencil in Wonder Box These pencils add a new level to your creativity. The brilliant colours with a silky and smooth colour laydown are all water-soluble. With a touch of the wet brush (attached) you can turn the pencil to paint and create brilliant drawings with unique colour gradients and special designs. But no need to worry if the painting lesson gets a bit messy: the pencil can be washed out of most fabrics. The pencils as such come in hexagonal shape and of course with the special SV bonding to prevent breakage.

Product details

• Can be used as dry colouring for detailed artworks and in the form of watercolouring

• Brilliant water-soluble colours with silky smooth laydown

• High pigmented medium soft 3.3mm leads

• Hexagonal shape pencils for better grip

• Special bonding (SV) to prevent breakage

• Free brush, sharpener & 2B pencils

• Comes in Wonder Box with detachable features (box can be detached into 2 parts)

• Flexible handle and can be used as stand for easy selection of colour pencils

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