Origami Galaxy for Kids Kit: An Origami Journey through the Solar System and Beyond! [Includes an Instruction Book, Poster, 48 Sheets of Origami Paper and Online Video Tutorials] by Rita Foelker
January 8, 2021
Classic Origami for Beginners Kit: 45 Easy-to-Fold Paper Models: Full-color instruction book; 98 sheets of Folding Paper: Everything you need is in this box! by Michael G. LaFosse
January 8, 2021
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Air and Space Origami Kit: Realistic Paper Rockets, Spaceships and More! [Kit with Origami Book, Folding Papers, 185+ Stickers] by John Szinger (Author), Kostya Vints (Illustrator)

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Fly high with realistic paper models of some of the most astonishing aircraft and spacecraft ever designed!

The Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum hosts seven million visitors annually—a testament to our enduring fascination with flight. Noted origami artist John Szinger has created this unique collection of paper airplane and rocket models inspired by real life flying machines.


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