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Bake Sales Are My B*tch by April Peveteaux


Living the food allergy life and having a kid who can’t have dairy, tree nuts, peanuts, or soy is not easy. And neither is worrying about accommodating all the food requirements at a play date.

From avoiding major food allergens and respecting food preferences like vegetarian or vegan to being aware of religious practices like keeping kosher, making a simple snack resembles navigating a minefield. Thankfully, Bake Sales Are My B*tch is here to help.

April Peveteaux’s 50-plus recipes cover the eight major food allergens and everything from school lunches, kids parties, sleepover foods, after-school snacks, and, yes, bake sales. In Bake Sales Are My B*tch, she gets into the nitty-gritty of food allergies, from deadly serious reactions to how to deal with those who don’t take your kid’s allergy seriously. Whether you’re a freaked-out parent or not, Pevetaux lends some much-needed guidance–and teaches you to make party foods that’ll be a surefire hit.

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