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Chicken Soup For The Soul: Canadian Act Of Kindness


That famous Canadian kindness is alive and well in these 101 stories of caring and compassion.

Canada is filled with people who care for and about each other. They make miracles happen for their neighbours, friends, and complete strangers. You’ll find 101 heartwarming tales of Canadian kindness in these pages, from the everyday to the extraordinary. And you’ll probably come away from this book with some new ideas for ways that you, and your family and friends, can make a difference. If you need some help, you’ll find hope in these pages. And if you can give help, you’ll feel energized to find your own opportunities to perform acts of kindness yourself, every day!

So dive into these 101 stories—selected from Chicken Soup for the Soul’s past bestsellers—and be inspired. There are so many ways that you can help—and it turns out the biggest beneficiary may be you! Scientific studies have shown that doing good is not only good for the recipient, but also for the person doing it, making that person happier and healthier.

The power of Canadians working at the local level to create a better country for

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