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Diary of a Wimpy Kid 12: The Getaway


  • Paperback :217 Pages
  • Publisher:  Penguin UK 
  • Publication Date: September 6, 2018
  • Language: English
  • Author:  Jeff Kinney
  • When Greg Heffley’s family try to prepare for Christmas, Greg’s parents decide to skip Christmas and travel by plane to Isla De Corales after seeing an ad for it, the resort they stayed at while on their honeymoon, much to Greg’s dismay, as he does not like the idea of skipping Christmas.[3]On Christmas Eve they drive to the airport but are delayed by a series of mishaps. They encounter holiday traffic but arrive at the airport. As they fail to unload in time at the drop off zone, Frank and Greg have to return later with the luggage. Greg steps in a slush puddle and they end up missing the shuttle. They are forced to walk to their terminal.

    In the airport, the family’s suitcases are too heavy, so they stuff some clothes into their carry-on baggage. They enter the line for security, but a child unclips a few zip-barriers separating the lines, and everybody gets scrambled. Greg’s family ends up at the back of the line. They go through security and are delayed again by somebody who has to remove all of his metal piercings. Manny then gets his stuffed animal stuck in an escalator, delaying them more. As a result, the family panic, and grab their luggage. They use a vehicle for handicapped people to get to their gate in time. It turns out their flight is delayed. Greg goes to dry his sock but destroys it while doing so. He hears that the flight is overbooked, but Susan Heffley (Greg’s mom) stops him from volunteering to get off the plane in exchange of an airport hotel stay and $300 (later increased to $500). A replacement crew for the plane is required and they wait one last time, and then finally board.

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