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March 17, 2020
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DK Findout! Energy – DK


A perfect introduction to energy, this fact-packed book teaches children all about energy and how it works. From electricity and light, to heat and sound, learn how different types of energy are part of everything we do. Discover how a rainbow is made, what renewable energy is, and meet an energy expert.

Filled with exciting information, simple science, and colourful illustrations, DKfindout! Energy brings energy to life. With key topics, such as conductors and insulators and fossil fuels, broken down into bite-sized chunks, the information is easily digestible and great for beginners.

The DKfindout! series introduces children to a range of exciting topics in a fun, engaging way. Checked by specialist consultants and an educational expert this is not only a source of information you can trust, but one that is age-appropriate and supportive of schoolwork. Ranging from core topics, to more specialised subjects, the DKfindout! series will inspire and delight kids. Books you may also enjoy from the DKfindout! series include DKfindout! Coding, DKfindout!Engineering and DKfindout! Science.

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