Fortune & Feng Shui 2023 OX by Lillian Too (Paperback)
December 27, 2022
Fortune & Feng Shui 2023 RABBIT by Lillian Too (Paperback)
December 27, 2022
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Fortune & Feng Shui 2023 TIGER by Lillian Too (Paperback)


The TIGER does well in 2023 by staying consistent and valuing your own worth. You have the Heaven Seal helping you, which causes things to fall nicely into place if you will let them. Success may not come as quickly as you’d like but stay the course and you will triumph in the end. Don’t compromise your principles for anything. When you are sure what you want and true to your own self, results will follow. You are King of the Jungle, and as long as you don’t forget it, the year holds plenty of goodies in store! Friendships play a big part this year, so mix with pals who bring out the best in you.

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