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April 7, 2020
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April 7, 2020
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Handmade Potted Plant DIY Set Koi Fishes 2


Every Handmade Pot is Unique and a Piece of Art

The pot making process, from the mold of the flower pot, the shape compression, drying, painting, sculpture to the final drawing, each step is handmade. The pot mouth of each flower pot is like the shape of a mountain pass. The veins formed by natural compression and the pattern of the hole on the flower pot are unique, as such each flower pot is unique.

Product Title: Handmade Potted Plant DIY Set

Handmade Potted Plant DIY Set Contain:

  • Handmade Pot (1pcs); Size: 8~9cm Diameter x 7~11cm Height, Weight: 0.4~0.5kg
  • Coco Peat + Perlite (1 pack); 20g, Ratio 9:1
  • Dragon Fruit Seeds (1 bottle); 300pcs
  • Flower Pot Bottom Net (1pcs); 3cm Diameter.

*DIY Set Weight: 0.9kg

Note: Even handmade pot is same pattern, the sculpture, pot’s shape, color, size will not be the same. Every pot is unique.


DIY Instructions
Step 1:

Place the pot bottom net on the bottom of the pot, and then pour the coco peat + perlite into the pot until it is 70% full.
Step 2:
Sprinkle 300 dragon fruit seeds on the surface of the coco peat evenly. Spray water on the surface of the coco peat and seeds. Then, use stretch film to cover at the mouth of the pot and seal it, place the pot in a dark place, and spray with water up to 10 days to allow the seeds to germinate.
Step 3:
On the 11th day, observe whether most of the 300 seeds have germinated. If not, wait until the 15th day or longer, then remove the stretch film and place the pot in a sunny place
(requires under the eaves, away from rain) .
Step 4:
 Let the germinated seed thrive, water it every day, let it grow leaves and cover the entire pot’s mouth, and then you can maintain it in the house, watering is recommended once every 3 days
(depending on the situation ).

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