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December 9, 2022
Take Charge! by Tan Meng Chai & Saqib Sheikh (Paperback)
December 19, 2022
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Jumpstart in Stocks and Futures Trading by Choong Ty’ng Ty’ng (Paperback)


Have you ever envied your friends who always make money from the stocks and futures market?

Want to start trading in stocks and futures but do not know how?

Envy no more, a step-by-step and practical trading guide tailored for the Malaysian market is now available.

– An A-to-Z guide to kick-starting stocks or futures trading
– Learn how to maximise return while minimising trading risk
– Learn the basics of fundamental and technical analysis
– Avoid the 10 wrong trading mindsets
– Discover the secrets to successful trading
– How to devise a winning trading plan
– 5 steps to becoming a successful trader

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