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Nik and the Secrets of the Sunset Ship by Ninotaziz

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Nik and the Secrets of the Sunset Ship is the story of Nik, a young Malaysian champion sailor with dreams and the potential to compete in the Olympics. Though he loves sailing, he has been feeling restless and is no longer sure whether he wants to continue competing.

One night, while on a holiday in Terengganu with his parents, Nik meets Pak Hitam, a mysterious old man with an almost magical way of telling stories, whose arrival is heralded by the appearance of a sailing ship at sunset. His tales of ancient kingdoms, mythical beasts and heroic feats cast a spell on Nik, slowly rekindling the young sailor’s love of the ocean, even as an old friend and two new ones join him on his beachside getaway.

This is a story of friendship, growing up and finding one’s own path, to inspire the youth of Malaysia and instil a sense of pride in their heritage.

Nik and the Secrets of the Sunset Ship is the grand prize-winner of the Calistro Awards 2014.


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