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ROBERT KUOK – A Memoir (Traditional Chinese) – 郭鶴年自傳(繁體)


Legendary overseas Chinese entrepreneurs ─ ─ Kuok Hainian, for the first time in person to tell the most real story!
Between the lines of the most touching emotions revealed,
occasionally sad, occasionally strong, and occasionally happy, occasionally inspiring.

“Cronies are the lackeys that tie the leader down and the leaders return in the national interest.”
“Coconuts leaders always defend themselves by” developing the country, “so that they can do anything by themselves.”
“Capitalism is a ruthless animal. Gongmian million bone. ”

* The book is a Chinese version of ROBERT KUOK: A Memoir (“The Memory of Kuok Hock Nien”) Kuok Hok Nien

, a Hong Kong and Malaysian entrepreneur, was born in Johor Bahru to run the white sugar industry and is known as the “Asian Sugar King.” The book tells the story of his creation of the Asia-based Kuok Group, a colorful family history that includes the memories of his childhood and the lives of his parents and brothers in troubled times. In addition, the book gives a detailed account of its unique view of managing businesses and doing business – starting in 1949, how to lead the Kuo Group into a multinational multivariate enterprise. Readers know from the book Chinese immigrants in Southeast Asia, living under British colonial rule, during the Second World War under the iron heel of the years, but also understand the course of economic development in China and Asia.

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