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August 16, 2022
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Sambal on the Side…With a Kick by Brenda Benedict (Paperback)


Brenda Benedict left Malaysia in 2004, married, jobless, and clueless about the nomadic life awaiting her as an expat spouse. However, she took with her a penchant for languages, a curiosity for cultures, and a sense of humour. They were to flavour Sambal on the Side…With a Kick, her unique take on living abroad.

Whether riding with leather-clad bikers in the U.S., separating rubbish in Germany, or haggling with “hugging taxi” drivers in Vietnam, her storytelling provides unvarnished “been-there-and muddled-through-that” accounts that are in turns straight, sassy or spicy.

Yet, what began as a rant has given way to an evolving realisation that rooting and uprooting require patience and fortitude, and the ability to laugh or let go when things go spectacularly wrong. And that a bottle of sambal can sometimes soothe the pangs of living away from Malaysia.

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