Sisi Berakhlak Yang Hilang by Hasrizal Abdul Jamil (Paperback)
February 10, 2022
Grade 2: Subtraction by Kumon (Paperback)
February 10, 2022
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The Hidden Truth of Stock Market by Ng Tzyy Loon (Paperback)


There are many talks about stock investment, like legendary investor Warren Buffett has shared their insights with us.

However, not all investors have the chance to work in the investment industry to verify these thoughts thoroughly.

Hence, lots of these thoughts are taken lightly, taken out of context, manipulated, oversimplified,

some thoughts are even outdated, by investors.

This book attempts to debunk some of these investment myths with real-life examples.

The author shares his experience and knowledge on stock analysis, financial statement analysis,

and real case studies about financial shenanigans.

Though some of the content may appear to be

controversial to some readers, the author thinks it is necessary to understand the real investment world better.

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