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The Invisible Man (Movie Tie-In) by H.G. Wells

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Rediscover H. G. Wells’ classic novel and inspiration for the terrifying new film starring Emmy(R) winner Elisabeth Moss and written and directed by Leigh Whannell. Wells’ novel, The Invisible Man (1897), blends horror and tragedy in its story of a scientist who discovers a way to make himself invisible. His inability to reverse the process leads to a radical disconnection from society–and eventually from his own sanity. Arriving in a town where no one knows him, disguised in bandages and dark glasses, the invisible man is driven to violent and criminal extremes before his secret is revealed. This prescient parable of the dark side of scientific progress demonstrates H. G. Wells’ signature gift for dramatizing humanity’s grandest possibilities and darkest fears. The film, The Invisible Man, from Blumhouse Productions and Universal Pictures is a chilling modern tale of obsession about a woman who escapes a violent, controlling relationship with a wealthy, brilliant scientist. But when the man commits suicide, she begins to suspect that his death was a hoax … and that she is now being hunted by someone who no one can see.

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