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The Power of X: Analysis the 10 Gods by Joey Yap (Paperback)


Journey through the comprehensive view of the Four Pillars of Destiny analysis encompassing the 10 Gods in virtue of Persons, Places and Matters with this fourth instalment of the Destiny Code series.

Discover the principles of Favourable and Unfavourable Elements on your way to achieving a more thorough BaZi analysis as you learn to incorporate these Elements with the 10 Gods.

Be empowered by your expanded knowledge and techniques of BaZi as you enhance your insights into new branches of BaZi thoughts, such as the problem-solving and solution-development aspects.

Analysing the 10 Gods helps you evaluate personality, thinking style, approach, strengths and even weakness with more precision and definitude. See how these very individual and personal differences pave way for you in creating your own Destiny, regardless of what challenges come your way.

This book will take you traversing through the tremendous breadth and depth of the crucial 10 Gods. Progressively, you will learn the methods to analyse and understand the 10 Gods within the context of Persons, Places and Matters. The advanced methods for analysing the Favourable and Unfavourable Elements of the BaZi Chart are also revealed, including the techniques and analysis methods depicting the Multi-Star approach.

Highlights of this book include:
How the 10 Gods interface with Persons, Places and Matters
The principles of Favourable and Unfavourable Elements, and how to administer them with a pragmatic, action-driven manner.
Progressive methods for your own BaZi Chart analysis affixing the Favourable and Unfavourable Elements and the 10 Gods
Analysing and decoding a BaZi Chart using the Multi-Star approach
Developing action points relating to details off a Chart analysis
Analysing Wealth, Career and Relationship matters mediated by the Favourable and Unfavourable Elements and the 10 Gods
Developing BaZi-driven actions towards success and happiness in your personal endeavours and life in general

Written for both the novice and BaZi enthusiasts alike, this book is the perfect calling for those who may not necessarily have the time or immediate inclination to attend professional BaZi classes with a trainer.

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