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June 3, 2021
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Unbury Carol By Josh Malerman


“This one haunts you for reasons you can’t quite put your finger on. . . . [Josh Malerman] defies categories and comparisons with other writers.”-Kirkus Reviews

Only three people know Carol Evers’ secret.
Her best friend, who’s dead.
Her husband, who hates her.
Her ex-lover, who left her.

Carol suffers from a dreadful affliction which makes her fall into long comas,
waking slumbers indistinguishable from death.

Her husband Dwight wants her next “death” to be her last.
He will claim her fortune by pronouncing her dead
… and burying her alive.

The infamous outlaw James Moxie, once Carol’s lover, rides the Trail again –
pursued by murder and mayhem – to save the woman he loves.

And all the while, Carol is a prisoner in her own body. hearing her funeral plans,
summoning every ounce of will to survive…

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