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February 22, 2023
Singapore and Mental Health by Hun Ming Kwang (Paperback)
February 22, 2023
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Weaving between Light and Shadows, Said and Unsaid by Hun Ming Kwang (Paperback)


Threading Worlds: Conversations On Mental Health consists of four volumes of facilitated conversations and dialogues between the author and seventy-two mental health professionals, people with lived experiences and local politicians/leaders to document their thoughts, understanding, experiences on mental health and emotional literacy in both professional and personal capacity.

Weaving Between Light and Shadows, Said and Unsaid, one of four books in this collection, talks about mental health being an invisible force – we cannot see or touch it, but we certainly can feel it within us. It sometimes catches us off-guard, and we wonder why we feel the way we do, or what Where, in our environment, can we encounter these frictions or triggers to our mental health?

The author speaks with individuals from different personal and professional backgrounds in Singapore to learn how their environment shapes their mental and emotional well-being. They each bring a unique perspective on how our external circumstances shape our internal experiences, and shed light on the unexpected and less known areas of mental health.

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